Purchase of honey

  • If you are a beekeeper wanting to sell honey, contact BKV purchasing officer on the phone number 059 371 913 and provide the following information:
  1. Type of honey you offer
  2. Quantity of honey
  3. Type of honey packaging
  4. Your data (name and surname, address, contact phone number)

You can also apply for the purchase of honey via the online application. Shortly afterwards you will be contacted by the purchasing officer in BKV.

  • Following the submission of the application for honey purchase, in agreement with you, we determine the date of honey sampling.
  • BKV organizes the arrival of its worker for sampling, who takes honey samples from each package and seals it. The sample is labeled and taken to the laboratory.
  • Having completed the analysis, we inform you about the results of the same.
  • If the honey meets the requirements of the regulations on the honey quality and those of the company "BKV group" ltd., we are obliged to collect it as soon as possible.
  • Once the honey has been collected, BKV group ltd. is obliged to make a payment for the purchased quantity within the agreed period.

Honey Purchase Application